Trust Your Heart

You are special. But sometimes things happen that are confusing. But if you trust your heart and your instincts you’ll always find your way out.
— B.F.W.M.M.

Daughter wrote this. She wrote it up on good paper with pretty colors and decorated it with her swirly whirlies, while T and I were having a disagreement.

We don't fight anymore. Thank God.

She made him one too. A different one. A different message. Equally wise.

You are strong but sometimes things happen that scare you. Then you do things that you don’t like and you feel bad. But those things happen to teach you and not punish you.
— B.F.W.M.M.

She is already referring to Pema Chödrön in conversation. The first time I heard her reference Pema was one of the widest moments in my parenting life so far. I am, we are, doing a good job.

We are very different people, my girl and I but in moments like these I feel that I am getting an chance to parent myself. I was wise this way when I was her age.

When I was her age this wisdom was still on the cusp of being perceived as cute and annoying. When I was younger is was perceived as very sweet, so cute and funny. As an adolescent it was perceived as weak and stupid. When I was a young adult it was referred to as "herbal". Whatever that means. I gave this wisdom away in my late 20's and lived without her for too many years.

Looking back I think it was perceived as dangerous. And it was. It is. Such wisdom endangers the status quo.

Today is Sunday. I don't want to recall my childhood too much today. Today, lets stay in the here and now.

Today I give myself a break and today I will go back to my cozy bed with Martha and Diana, herself.

DIANA, HERSELF - An Allergory of Awakening - The Bewilderment Chronicles Book One
 - Martha Beck